Funeral Music

Original music and arrangements are available here for funerals.

Also FREE LDS Christian choir sheet music, piano & vocal solo music, orchestra & band music, hymns, Christmas, Easter, & patriotic instrumental music, The Book Mormon oratorio & geography land map book and Music editing are all here.

All of this music is correctly notated with proper pagination and musical grammar which will make your rehearsal time more productive and the music easier to learn. No other site has this.

Do you need a special arrangement of a piece of music or something for a special occasion? Contact us and we will produce it. For more details visit:

We edit music for correct pagination, musical grammar, proper notation, and correct placement of all markings.

Shipping and handling

There is a $2.00 fee added to all orders mailed out for handling. Shipping is 15% of the total. All products will be shipped within a couple of days of receipt of payment. Most items are available for downloading right now.

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